Easy Ornament Tutorial

Happy December 1st. Only 25 days until Christmas!!!! Doesn't it feel like Halloween was just a few days ago!?
Jensen and I decorated Christmas ornaments together on Monday night. They were really easy to make and really fun. You can put almost anything you can think of inside them including glitter, fake snow, and tinsel. I even put pearl beads in the snowman ornament I made.

Clear glass ornaments
Christmas stickers
Tinsel (or foil shreds)
fake snow
anything else you want inside your ornament (such as pom poms, beads, small bells...)
Step 1- Fill your ornament with tinsel/ fake snow. For the tinsel I used the end of a paint brush to push it all inside. For the snow I made a funnel out of a sheet of paper to get it in the ornament easier.
Step 2-If your using glitter, pour it in! To get the glitter to stick to the sides of the ornament gently shake it around. I made the mistake of not-so-gently shaking an ornament that had beads inside and it broke :(
Step 3- Decorate the outside. You can paint something on it or just use stickers. For this tutorial I used some Christmas stickers I got at Michaels.
That's it! You can be as creative or make them as simple as you want!


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