Bringing in the New Year

With 2012 right around the corner I thought I would share some of my goals for the coming year with you.
1- Having a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father. This includes more diligent scripture study, temple attendance, and more meaningful prayers.
2- Be healthier! I hate to say my specific resolution because I'm pretty sure I'll break it, but my goal is to work out 3 times a week. I also want to eat more fresh food, less processed foods and fast food. Wish me luck!
3- Budget! I've never kept a budget before, I've just tired to keep my spending low, but next year I plan to have a specific budget that I stick to so Jensen and I can build up more of a savings.
4- Sew and craft more. I feel like I've done a good job this past year with this, but I want to learn how to really sew, not just make little crafty projects with my sewing machine. Part of this is to learn how to read a pattern. I have a ton of patterns that I've started, but can't seem to get past the first few steps. A specific goal I have for this is to make a dress from start to finish, and to make a small quilt.
5- Read more books. I've gotten into the bad habit of watching lots of Netflix while I'm relaxing. I used to love to read and I would read tons of books, but I haven't read many at all since I graduated. To help me accomplish this goal I want to make a list of specific books I plan to read in the coming year. Any suggestions?
6- Be more organized. Those of you who know me well know that my craft room can get out of control with it's messiness. I want to be more organized with all of my belongings and pick up after myself more (that one is for my husband :) ) I hope by doing that I will appreciate what I have more and want less.

Hope you all have a happy new year!


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