Acorn Ornament Tutorial

Today was our first day of cold fall weather. I even saw snow on some cars on the freeway, and the mountains have snow on them! Here's a little tutorial to make some cute fall ornaments. This is a great use for fabric scraps and it doesn't take much time at all. I think these would also be cute if made with Christmas colored fabric for a Christmas tree!
happy first day of fall!

-fabric scraps
- acorns
- string
- fluff
- sewing machine or just a needle and thread
- scissors and a hot glue gun

First gather some acorns and fall colored scraps of fabric. I found these when Jensen and I were going on a Sunday walk a few weeks ago.
Remove the bottom of the acorn from the top, if there are any still attached.
Cut out two little half ovals from each scrap of fabric, about an inch by an inch.
Next with right sides together sew the rounded edge of the scraps together, leaving the flat part open. I did this with a sewing machine, but this could easily be hand sewn together. (If you're a new sewer like me it might take you a few tries to get make it a round shape because the scraps are so small :) )
Trim the edges.
Then you will turn your fabric right side out, stuff it with your fluff, and hot glue it to the acorn top. Mine ended up being a little too long so I trimmed quite a bit of the top before I glued it in place. I would recommend placing the fabric part into the acorn top to see how it looks before gluing.
Almost done!
Cut some string about 4 inches long. Then place a dot of hot glue on the top of the acorn near the center. I found it easier to glue the string on before it was tied, and tie it after the glue dries. After the glue dries tie the string and display them in your house!


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