i love christmas!

I had the worst dream ever last night! (maybe not ever... but it was pretty bad). I had a dream that I missed Christmas! I'm one of those people who starts listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween, and who starts decorating the second Jensen will let me. In my dream last night it was Christmas day and I realized I had not listened to one Christmas song, decorated, bought any gifts, or worn any of my Christmas pajamas or Christmas socks. (Yes I have Christmas socks and pajamas that I wear every chance I get)I'm already getting so excited for when Christmas comes... Our house is big enough that we can have a real tree this year, and we have a fireplace and a mantel!! AND it's big enough we can have family come for Christmas! Who wants to come??

Here's a shot from Frosty's Christmas in July just for you.


  1. vivian of course i remember you! its so funny when you find real life friends in blog land, makes it seem a little more like real life. looks like life has been going well for you, i'm loving your site :]