baby you're a firework

I love 4th of July in Provo. The past two years I got to celebrate the entire weekend, instead of just on the 4th. This year the celebrating started up in Logan. First was the family reunion, then Jensen got to go to the car show while Clarice and I went to the temple. On Saturday night before the 4th we watched the fireworks up in Logan. It was a really big firework show, I think the biggest I've ever seen.

Sunday morning we came back to Provo. On Sunday night we started our Provo celebrating. Hundreds of people camp out on University Avenue and Center street in Provo on Sunday for the parade Monday morning. The past two years we've gotten a huge group of bicyclers together on we ride around the streets on Sunday night. Throughout the night more and more bikers join our group. It's a lot of fun. There was even a guy with huge speakers on his bike blaring music the entire ride. Jensen and I left the biking early compared to everyone else, and just in the time we rode with them we had gone about 10 miles back and forth on those streets.

Monday morning we got up at 6 to go to the hot air balloon festival. Every other year here I end up sleeping through it. This year the balloons weren't able to lift off the ground because of the wind, but I'm still glad I went to see it.

After the hot air balloon festival Jordan, Suzanne, and I rode our bikes to get breakfast, then Suzanne and I went back to her house for a little nap before the parade. This year was also my first time seeing the parade because I usually sleep through that too. It was the first real parade I've ever been to. The ones back home are so tiny with home made floats made of cardboard. There are sooooo many people watching the parade.
After the parade we went back to Suzanne's to nap some more. Then we went to the Freedom Festival to the booths down town. Later Jensen joined us for some fried chicken and potato salad. For dessert we went and got some ice cream cones.

To end our Fourth of July we lit of fireworks in the church parking lot behind Suzanne's house.
And just in case you're not tired of this song yet, here you go...


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