Follow the Flag

Last night Jensen and I went on a little hike to see the world's largest free hanging US flag! The flag is over a quarter acre in size and weighs over 400 pounds! Here's Jensen, Dunken, and Quinn in front of a star the same size as the ones on the flag, and there are 50 of them! The picture's really don't do it justice. In person it's amazing! And the flag was hanging up so high in the canyon we weren't able to even get that close.
The flag is hanging in Battle Creek Canyon (in Pleasant Grove UT) just a few miles from our house.  We can see it almost as soon as we get off the freeway headed home. There has been different events up by the canyon every day since the Fourth of July when they hung it. Last night they had a children's choir singing down below the flag.
During our hike it started to storm and rain a little and it was so neat to see the flag blowing in the wind.
We hiked up to a little lookout point overlooking the valley to see the flag from the back side.


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